Commit b8454d62 authored by Sebastian Dröge's avatar Sebastian Dröge

gstobject: Replace recursive gst_object_has_ancestor() with an iterative version

This is slightly more efficient because the compiler can't do tail
recursion here and has to keep all stack frames.

Not that efficiency is that important here but I already had
the iterative version somewhere else and both are easy to read.
parent 4917bb4f
......@@ -883,21 +883,24 @@ gst_object_unparent (GstObject * object)
gst_object_has_ancestor (GstObject * object, GstObject * ancestor)
GstObject *parent;
gboolean result = FALSE;
GstObject *parent, *tmp;
if (object == NULL)
if (!ancestor || !object)
return FALSE;
if (object == ancestor)
return TRUE;
parent = gst_object_ref (object);
do {
if (parent == ancestor) {
gst_object_unref (parent);
return TRUE;
parent = gst_object_get_parent (object);
result = gst_object_has_ancestor (parent, ancestor);
if (parent)
tmp = gst_object_get_parent (parent);
gst_object_unref (parent);
parent = tmp;
} while (parent);
return result;
return FALSE;
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