Commit b57683d2 authored by Josep Torra's avatar Josep Torra

utils: minor changes related to enum types

Fixes warning #188: enumerated type mixed with another type reported by ICC.
parent c0749e77
......@@ -2703,7 +2703,7 @@ gst_element_class_install_std_props (GstElementClass * klass,
while (name) {
int arg_id = va_arg (args, int);
int flags = va_arg (args, int);
GParamFlags flags = (GParamFlags) va_arg (args, int);
gst_element_populate_std_props ((GObjectClass *) klass, name, arg_id,
......@@ -3766,7 +3766,7 @@ gst_parse_bin_from_description (const gchar * bin_description,
gboolean ghost_unlinked_pads, GError ** err)
return gst_parse_bin_from_description_full (bin_description,
ghost_unlinked_pads, NULL, 0, err);
ghost_unlinked_pads, NULL, GST_PARSE_FLAG_NONE, err);
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