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Commit a92661f7 authored by Wim Taymans's avatar Wim Taymans
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Small cleanup

Original commit message from CVS:
Small cleanup
parent cc59aa17
......@@ -81,16 +81,17 @@ static GPrivate *_cothread_ctx_key;
cothread_context *
cothread_context_init (void)
* initalize the whole of the cothreads context
cothread_context *ctx;
/* if there already is a cotread context for this thread,
* just return it */
ctx = g_private_get (_cothread_ctx_key);
if(ctx) return ctx;
if (ctx)
return ctx;
* initalize the whole of the cothreads context
ctx = (cothread_context *) g_malloc (sizeof (cothread_context));
/* we consider the initiating process to be cothread 0 */
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