Commit 8e946d5d authored by Tim-Philipp Müller's avatar Tim-Philipp Müller

query: fix gst_query_parse_nth_allocation_pool() annotation

It returns a ref to the pool.
parent 028b9a8d
......@@ -1547,12 +1547,14 @@ gst_query_get_n_allocation_pools (GstQuery * query)
* gst_query_parse_nth_allocation_pool:
* @query: A valid #GstQuery of type GST_QUERY_ALLOCATION.
* @index: index to parse
* @pool: (out) (allow-none) (transfer none): the #GstBufferPool
* @pool: (out) (allow-none) (transfer full): the #GstBufferPool
* @size: (out) (allow-none): the size
* @min_buffers: (out) (allow-none): the min buffers
* @max_buffers: (out) (allow-none): the max buffers
* Get the pool parameters in @query.
* Unref @pool with gst_object_unref() when it's not needed any more.
gst_query_parse_nth_allocation_pool (GstQuery * query, guint index,
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