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more docbuilding notes
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Builind GStreamer documentation.
Building GStreamer documentation
To build the GStreamer documentation you need the following installed (based on Red Hat packages).
These packages comes from rawhide and are the ones that will be in Red Hat 7.3/8.0
......@@ -33,3 +37,20 @@ pdftops
It's a really nice development app allowing you to look up API stuff
from various gtk-doc'd libraries. GStreamer is one of these ;)
Currently we keep our devhelp files in CVS until devhelp has settled down.
We'll keep them in a devhelp/ directory
For now, I put tools to generate the devhelp files in this dir, as well as
the generated devhelp files. It's easier to have one person generate the
devhelp files once in a while than to do it in every build. Until devhelp
settles down or we get a clue, that is ;)
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