Commit 3b6e5acb authored by Wim Taymans's avatar Wim Taymans

pad: fix debug line

Use QUERY_TYPE on query types.
parent 961151e5
......@@ -2850,7 +2850,7 @@ static gboolean
query_forward_func (GstPad * pad, QueryData * data)
GST_LOG_OBJECT (pad, "query peer %p (%s) of %s:%s",
data->query, GST_EVENT_TYPE_NAME (data->query), GST_DEBUG_PAD_NAME (pad));
data->query, GST_QUERY_TYPE_NAME (data->query), GST_DEBUG_PAD_NAME (pad));
data->result |= gst_pad_peer_query (pad, data->query);
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