Commit 2dbab3aa authored by Ronald S. Bultje's avatar Ronald S. Bultje
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Apparently, I've forgotten to commit this... Stupid me

Original commit message from CVS:
Apparently, I've forgotten to commit this... Stupid me
parent 393a5a8f
......@@ -339,6 +339,23 @@
* gst/gstelement.c: (gst_element_get_compatible_pad_filtered):
Make the 'Could not find compatible pad' message more informative.
2004-01-07 Ronald Bultje <>
* gst/elements/gstfilesink.c: (gst_filesink_set_location):
Fix for if we pass NULL as property to location.
* gst/elements/gstpipefilter.c: (gst_pipefilter_init),
(gst_pipefilter_handle_event), (gst_pipefilter_chain):
Fix for instantiate-test (see below).
* gst/gststructure.c: (_gst_structure_parse_value):
Fix compile error on gcc-2.96.
* tests/
* tests/instantiate/
* tests/instantiate/create.c: (create_all_elements), (main):
Add a test that instantiates all elements. This makes it easy to
track dead code for old API/design (like setting event functions
on sink pads and so on).
2004-01-06 Jan Schmidt <>
* gst/gstcaps.c: (gst_caps_append_structure):
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