Commit 256e7238 authored by Sebastian Dröge's avatar Sebastian Dröge

ghostpad: The internally linked pad of the proxypad is the ghostpad

Previously we were returning the peerpad, which is the target
of the ghostpad.
parent c4c06a2b
......@@ -132,11 +132,12 @@ static GstIterator *
gst_proxy_pad_do_iterate_internal_links (GstPad * pad)
GstIterator *res = NULL;
GstPad *target = gst_proxy_pad_get_target (pad);
GstPad *internal = GST_PROXY_PAD_INTERNAL (pad);
if (target) {
res = gst_pad_iterate_internal_links (target);
gst_object_unref (target);
if (internal) {
res =
gst_iterator_new_single (GST_TYPE_PAD, internal,
(GstCopyFunction) gst_object_ref, (GFreeFunc) gst_object_unref);
return res;
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