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* GstMemory is a lightweight refcounted object that wraps a region of memory.
* They are typically used to manage the data of a #GstBuffer.
* A GstMemory object has an allocated region of memory of maxsize. The maximum
* size does not change during the lifetime of the memory object. The memory
* also has an offset and size property that specifies the valid range of memory
* in the allocated region.
* Memory is usually created by allocators with a gst_allocator_alloc()
* method call. When NULL is used as the allocator, the default allocator will
* be used.
......@@ -45,6 +50,7 @@
* gst_memory_get_sizes() and gst_memory_resize() respectively.
* Getting access to the data of the memory is performed with gst_memory_map().
* The call will return a pointer to offset bytes into the region of memory.
* After the memory access is completed, gst_memory_unmap() should be called.
* Memory can be copied with gst_memory_copy(), which will returnn a writable
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