Commit 20c89fa8 authored by Nirbheek Chauhan's avatar Nirbheek Chauhan 🐜 Committed by Tim-Philipp Müller

GstDeviceMonitor: Clarify the behaviour of gst_device_monitor_add_filter

parent 4d6c7ccd
......@@ -614,7 +614,14 @@ provider_unhidden (GstDeviceProvider * provider, const gchar * hidden,
* @caps: (allow-none): the #GstCaps to filter or %NULL for ANY
* Adds a filter for which #GstDevice will be monitored, any device that matches
* all classes and the #GstCaps will be returned.
* all these classes and the #GstCaps will be returned.
* If this function is called multiple times to add more filters, each will be
* matched independently. That is, adding more filters will not further restrict
* what devices are matched.
* The #GstCaps supported by the device as returned by gst_device_get_caps() are
* not intersected with caps filters added using this function.
* Filters must be added before the #GstDeviceMonitor is started.
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