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add cvs section
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......@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@ aclocal: 17: macro `AM_PROG_LIBTOOL' not found in library
aclocal failed
What's wrong ?
......@@ -29,11 +30,11 @@ prefix both aclocal and libtool are installed.
You can do three things to fix this :
<listitem>install automake in the same prefix as libtool
<listitem>install automake in the same prefix as libtool</listitem>
<listitem>force use of the automake installed in the same prefix as libtool
by using the --with-automake option
by using the --with-automake option</listitem>
<listitem>figure out what prefix libtool has been installed to and point
aclocal to the right location by running
aclocal to the right location by running</listitem>
export ACLOCAL_FLAGS="-I $(prefix)/share/aclocal"
......@@ -5,11 +5,14 @@
<!ENTITY START SYSTEM "start.xml">
<!ENTITY GENERAL SYSTEM "general.xml">
<!ENTITY DEPENDENCIES SYSTEM "dependencies.xml">
<!ENTITY GETTING SYSTEM "getting.xml">
<!ENTITY USING SYSTEM "using.xml">
<!ENTITY DEVELOPING SYSTEM "developing.xml">
<!ENTITY TROUBLESHOOTING SYSTEM "troubleshooting.xml">
<!ENTITY CVS SYSTEM "cvs.xml">
<!ENTITY DEVELOPING SYSTEM "developing.xml">
<article class="faq">
......@@ -36,9 +39,12 @@
......@@ -10,6 +10,10 @@ There's a few ways you can get started.
If you'd rather learn by trying it out, start with
<xref linkend="title-getting" endterm="title-getting"/>
If you want to live on the bleeding edge and develop and use CVS, see
<xref linkend="title-cvs" endterm="title-cvs"/>
......@@ -2,9 +2,60 @@
<title id="title-using">Using GStreamer</title>
<question id="using-getting-started">
<para>Ok, I've installed GStreamer. What can I do next ?</para>
First of all, verify that you have a working registry and that you can
inspect them by typing
$ gst-inspect fakesrc
This should print out a bunch of information about this particular element.
If this tells you that there is "no such element or plugin", you haven't
installed GStreamer correctly. Please check
<link linkend="chapter-getting">how to get GStreamer</link>
If this fails with any other message, we would appreciate a
<link linkend="using-bugs-where">bug report</link>.
It's time to try out a few things. Start with gst-launch and two plug-ins
that you really should have : fakesrc and fakesink. They do nothing except
pass empty buffers. Type this at the command-line :
$ gst-launch fakesrc num-buffers=3 ! fakesink
This will print out output that looks similar to this :
RUNNING pipeline
fakesrc0: last-message = "get ******* (fakesrc0:src)gt; (0 bytes, 0) 0x8057510"
fakesink0: last-message = "chain ******* (fakesink0:sink)lt; (0 bytes, 0) 0x8057510"
fakesrc0: last-message = "get ******* (fakesrc0:src)gt; (0 bytes, 1) 0x8057510"
fakesink0: last-message = "chain ******* (fakesink0:sink)lt; (0 bytes, 1) 0x8057510"
fakesrc0: last-message = "get ******* (fakesrc0:src)gt; (0 bytes, 2) 0x8057510"
fakesink0: last-message = "chain ******* (fakesink0:sink)lt; (0 bytes, 2) 0x8057510"
execution ended after 5 iterations (sum 301479000 ns, average 60295800 ns, min 3000 ns, max 105482000 ns)
(Some parts of output have been removed for clarity) If it looks similar, then
GStreamer itself is running correctly.
After this, you might want to try and see if GStreamer can play audio on your
system. You need to combine two plug-ins for this test : sinesrc (which
produces a pure tone) and an audio output plug-in. You should choose one
that matches your current sound output and you should make sure you have
it installed.
<question id="using-gst-inspect">
<para>How do I tell what GStreamer plugins I have on my system ?</para>
<para>How can I see what GStreamer plugins I have on my system ?</para>
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