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    configure.ac: remove whitespace · fdfb2b82
    Thomas Vander Stichele authored
    Original commit message from CVS:
    * configure.ac:
    remove whitespace
    * docs/gst/tmpl/gstbuffer.sgml:
    * docs/gst/tmpl/gstdata.sgml:
    * docs/gst/tmpl/gstreamer-unused.sgml:
    * docs/gst/tmpl/gstxml.sgml:
    doc update
    * docs/manuals.mak:
    add a FIXME
    * docs/pwg/intro-preface.xml:
    * docs/pwg/pwg.xml:
    remove GNOME
    * gst/gst.c: (init_post):
    try GST_PLUGIN_PATH paths for the _global_registry first
    * gst/gstelement.h:
    add the error message as well, otherwise (null) debug info doesn't
    make much sense
    * tools/gst-register.c: (main):
    spill paths to next registry if this registry is not writable
    * po/fr.po:
    * po/nl.po:
    translation updates
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