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    - Remove the propsprivate header file · f0326eea
    Wim Taymans authored
    Original commit message from CVS:
    - Remove the propsprivate header file
    - Added new API for properties.
    - Moved the clock distribution to the scheduler.
    - Removed the lock from GstCaps
    - Added boxed types for Caps/Props
    - Simplified the clock, new systemclock implementation
    - Removed deprecated element_info/send_event functions
    - First step at exposing more info in the pad_connect functions
    - Queue cleanup
    - Make the scheduler aware of other schedulers inside it
    - Added the _SELF_SCHEDULABLE flag to gstthread
    - Removed _get_widget from _utils, changed to new props API
    - Make fakesink sync on timestamps when requested
    - Removed the offset notify from filesrc
    - Added a fast scheduler
    - some scheduler cleanups.
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