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    Totally rewritten registry handling. · 086de421
    Wim Taymans authored
    Original commit message from CVS:
    Totally rewritten registry handling.
    - move the registry save/load code into a gstregistry subclass, this
    will make it possible to use other registries (flat file, web based,
    RDBMS type, etc..)
    - a simple GMarkup xml registry is implemented
    - use standard statically linked plugins for core elements.
    - GstPlugin has a very well defined set of functions now
    A little bytestream hack..
    Added more info to -inspect.
    Some more debugging info for clocking.
    Small cleanups
    I use ./gst-register --gst-plugin-path=/opt/src/sourceforge/gst-plugins/gst-libs:/opt/src/sourceforge/gst-plugins/
    to register core and gst-plugins now.
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