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    Next big merge. · c2f41a89
    Wim Taymans authored
    Original commit message from CVS:
    Next big merge.
    Added GstBus for mainloop integration.
    Added GstMessage for sending notifications on the bus.
    Added GstTask as an abstraction for pipeline entry points.
    Removed GstThread.
    Removed Schedulers.
    Simplified GstQueue for multithreaded core.
    Made _link threadsafe, removed old capsnego.
    Added STREAM_LOCK and PREROLL_LOCK in GstPad.
    Added pad blocking functions.
    Reworked scheduling functions in GstPad to prepare for
    scheduling updates soon.
    Moved events out of data stream.
    Simplified GstEvent types.
    Added return values to push/pull.
    Removed clocking from GstElement.
    Added prototypes for state change function for next merge.
    Removed iterate from bins and state change management.
    Fixed some elements, disabled others for now.
    Fixed -inspect and -launch.
    Added check for GstBus.
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