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    gst/gstutils.c: RPAD fixes all around. · 4b908e33
    Andy Wingo Wingo authored
    Original commit message from CVS:
    2005-06-08  Andy Wingo  <wingo@pobox.com>
    * gst/gstutils.c: RPAD fixes all around.
    (gst_element_link_pads): Refcounting fixes.
    * tools/gst-inspect.c:
    * tools/gst-xmlinspect.c:
    * parse/grammar.y:
    * gst/base/gsttypefindhelper.c:
    * gst/base/gstbasesink.c:
    * gst/gstqueue.c: RPAD fixes.
    * gst/gstghostpad.h:
    * gst/gstghostpad.c: New ghost pad implementation as full proxy
    pads. The tricky thing is they provide both source and sink
    interfaces, since they proxy the internal pad for the external
    pad, and vice versa. Implement with lower-level ProxyPad objects,
    with the interior proxy pad as a child of the exterior ghost pad.
    Should write a doc on this.
    * gst/gstpad.h: s/RPAD/PAD/, s/RealPad/Pad/.
    (gst_pad_set_name, gst_pad_set_parent): Macros removed, use
    gst_object API.
    * gst/gstpad.c: Big changes. No more stub base GstPad, now all
    pads are real pads. No ghost pads in this file. Not documenting
    the myriad s/RPAD/PAD/ and REALIZE fixes.
    (gst_pad_class_init): Add properties for "direction" and
    "template". Both are construct-only, so they can't change during
    the life of the pad. Fixes properly deriving from GstPad.
    (gst_pad_custom_new, gst_pad_custom_new_from_template): Gone. For
    derived objects, just set properties when creating the objects via
    (gst_pad_get_parent): Implement as a function, return NULL if the
    parent is not an element.
    (gst_pad_get_real_parent, gst_pad_add_ghost_pad)
    (gst_pad_remove_ghost_pad, gst_pad_realize): Removed.
    * gst/gstobject.c (gst_object_class_init): Make name a construct
    property. Don't set it in the object init.
    * gst/gstelement.c (gst_element_add_pad): Don't allow adding pads
    with UNKNOWN direction.
    (gst_element_add_ghost_pad): Remove non-orthogonal API. Replace
    with gst_element_add_pad (e, gst_ghost_pad_new (name, pad)).
    (gst_element_remove_pad): Remove ghost-pad special cases.
    (gst_element_pads_activate): Remove rpad cruft.
    * gst/gstbin.c (gst_bin_change_state): Use gst_pad_get_parent to
    catch the pad's-parent-not-an-element case.
    * gst/gst.h: Include gstghostpad.h.
    * gst/gst.c (init_post): No more real, ghost pads.
    * gst/Makefile.am: Add gstghostpad.[ch].
    * check/Makefile.am:
    * check/gst/gstbin.c:
    * check/gst/gstghostpad.c (test_ghost_pads): Check that linking
    into a bin creates ghost pads, and that the refcounts are right.
    Partly moved from gstbin.c.
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