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    gst/gstcaps.c: Callgrind micro optimisations. · 18aeb9a4
    Wim Taymans authored
    Original commit message from CVS:
    * gst/gstcaps.c: (gst_caps_copy), (_gst_caps_free),
    (gst_caps_merge_structure), (gst_caps_get_structure),
    (gst_caps_copy_nth), (gst_caps_set_simple),
    (gst_caps_set_simple_valist), (gst_caps_is_fixed),
    (gst_caps_is_equal_fixed), (gst_caps_intersect),
    (gst_caps_subtract), (gst_caps_normalize), (gst_caps_do_simplify),
    Callgrind micro optimisations.
    Avoid array bounds checks and force inline of trivial function.
    * gst/gstobject.c: (gst_object_set_name_default):
    -1 is equivalent to letting glib to the strlen but then there is more
    room for optimisations and it's not our fault.
    * gst/gststructure.c: (gst_structure_id_empty_new_with_size):
    no need to clear the array, we're cool.
    * gst/gstvalue.c: (gst_type_is_fixed), (gst_value_is_fixed):
    The most common _is_fixed() check is done on fundamental glib base
    types so we check this first instead of doing a huge amount of
    useless GST_TYPE_ARRAY calls.
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