Commit 7e142cb2 authored by Leandro Lupori's avatar Leandro Lupori Committed by Povilas Kanapickas
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xserver: fix RGB mask handling

On FreeBSD 13.0-CURRENT for PowerPC64 big-endian (BE), X was
crashing in some cases. For instance, when twm was started
and the background was clicked to open its menu, X crashed
with a segmentation fault, trying to dereference a null pointer
at CreatePicture().

There were 2 issues with xorg-server handling of RGB masks that
caused the pointer above to be null and thus the crash:
- wrong use of ffs() to get the RGB offsets from the masks
- overflow when shifting a 16-bit integer

This change fixes both issues. They happen when the system is BE
but has a video adapter using a little-endian (LE) ARGB32
framebuffer. In order to display the correct colors, this setup
requires a BE RGBA32 color format to be used by X, by setting
the RGB masks appropriately, that didn't work properly because of
the issues above.
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......@@ -729,9 +729,9 @@ xf86SetWeight(ScrnInfoPtr scrp, rgb weight, rgb mask)
scrp-> =;
scrp-> =;
scrp-> =;
scrp-> = ffs(;
scrp-> = ffs(;
scrp-> = ffs(;
scrp-> = ffs( - 1;
scrp-> = ffs( - 1;
scrp-> = ffs( - 1;
return TRUE;
......@@ -523,12 +523,12 @@ PictureMatchVisual(ScreenPtr pScreen, int depth, VisualPtr pVisual)
return format;
else {
if (format->direct.redMask << format-> ==
pVisual->redMask &&
format->direct.greenMask << format-> ==
pVisual->greenMask &&
format->direct.blueMask << format-> ==
pVisual->blueMask) {
if ((unsigned long)format->direct.redMask <<
format-> == pVisual->redMask &&
(unsigned long)format->direct.greenMask <<
format-> == pVisual->greenMask &&
(unsigned long)format->direct.blueMask <<
format-> == pVisual->blueMask) {
return format;
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