Fix tutorial text

The text and the piece of code that describes the link process of data.convert e data.sink are missing data.resample.

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......@@ -304,14 +304,14 @@ previous tutorial, for audio. It will render the audio stream to the
audio card.
``` c
if (!gst_element_link (data.convert, data.sink)) {
if (!gst_element_link_many (data.convert, data.resample, data.sink, NULL)) {
g_printerr ("Elements could not be linked.\n");
gst_object_unref (data.pipeline);
return -1;
Here we link the converter element to the sink, but we **DO NOT** link
Here we link the elements converter, resample and sink, but we **DO NOT** link
them with the source, since at this point it contains no source pads. We
just leave this branch (converter + sink) unlinked, until later on.
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