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    core: port NMDhcp4Config/NMDhcp6Config to GVariant · 94078a13
    Dan Winship authored
    In the gdbus port, the :options properties will be GVariant-valued
    (and thus immutable), so having APIs that let you repeatedly modify
    them would make things complicated. Since we actually only ever set
    all the options at once, just change the APIs to do that, rather than
    setting the options one-by-one.
    Since nm-dispatcher already works in terms of GVariant, it makes
    things simpler there if NMDhcp[46]Config can return its options as a
    GVariant. And since we'll need it to be a GVariant internally later
    anyway, just port everything to GVariant now, and convert it to a
    GHashTable for dbus-glib only in get_property().
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