Commit ad9e5995 authored by Thomas Haller's avatar Thomas Haller

build/meson: fix location of introspection files

With glib < 2.51.3, gdbus-codegen does not understand "--output-directory" [1].
Hence, the generated files are like


instead of


But gnome.gdbus_codegen() returns a path as if it would be inside
"build/introspection". Hack around that, by patching the correct path
otherwise. This is still ugly, because repeated "ninja -C build" calls
will always try to rebuild this target (because the wrong file name
is considered).

See also [2].

parent dfb899f4
......@@ -23,13 +23,13 @@ configure_file(
content_files += join_paths(meson.source_root(), 'COPYING')
filecopier = find_program('cp')
foreach intro : introspection_files
path = intro.full_path().split('/')[-1]
path = intro[1].split('/')[-1]
input: intro,
input: intro[0],
output: path,
command : [filecopier, '@INPUT@', '@OUTPUT@'],
command: [filecopier, intro[1], '@OUTPUT@'],
build_by_default: true,
......@@ -73,13 +73,20 @@ foreach iface: ifaces
sources += res
content_files += join_paths(meson.current_build_dir(), 'dbus-' + iface_xml)
if gio_unix_dep.version().version_compare('>= 2.51.3')
dbus_iface_xml_path = join_paths(meson.current_build_dir(), 'dbus-' + iface_xml)
dbus_iface_xml_path = join_paths(meson.build_root(), 'dbus-' + iface_xml)
content_files += dbus_iface_xml_path
# res is an array only since 0.46. Documentation won't work with
# older versions
if meson.version().version_compare('>= 0.46.0')
introspection_files += res[2]
introspection_files += [ [res[2], dbus_iface_xml_path] ]
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