Commit 8c81a4b5 authored by Thomas Haller's avatar Thomas Haller

proxy: unify logging in nm-pacrunner-manager

Give logging lines that are concerned with a certain "config"
the same prefix: their call-id.
parent b04a9c90
......@@ -75,6 +75,16 @@ NM_DEFINE_SINGLETON_GETTER (NMPacrunnerManager, nm_pacrunner_manager_get, NM_TYP
#define _NMLOG(level, ...) __NMLOG_DEFAULT (level, _NMLOG_DOMAIN, "pacrunner", __VA_ARGS__)
#define _NMLOG2_PREFIX_NAME "pacrunner"
#define _NMLOG2(level, config, ...) \
nm_log ((level), _NMLOG_DOMAIN, NULL, NULL, \
"%s%p]: " _NM_UTILS_MACRO_FIRST(__VA_ARGS__), \
"pacrunner: call[", \
(config) \
static Config *
......@@ -231,13 +241,13 @@ pacrunner_send_done (GDBusProxy *proxy, GAsyncResult *res, gpointer user_data)
self = NM_PACRUNNER_MANAGER (config->manager);
if (!variant) {
_LOGD ("send config for '%p' failed: %s", config, error->message);
} else {
if (!variant)
_LOG2D (config, "sending failed: %s", error->message);
else {
g_variant_get (variant, "(&o)", &path);
config->path = g_strdup (path);
_LOGD ("successfully sent config for '%p'", config);
_LOG2D (config, "sent");
if (config->removed) {
g_dbus_proxy_call (priv->pacrunner,
......@@ -259,10 +269,7 @@ pacrunner_send_config (NMPacrunnerManager *self, Config *config)
NMPacrunnerManagerPrivate *priv = NM_PACRUNNER_MANAGER_GET_PRIVATE (self);
if (priv->pacrunner) {
gs_free char *args_str = NULL;
_LOGT ("sending proxy config for '%p': %s", config,
(args_str = g_variant_print (config->args, FALSE)));
_LOG2T (config, "sending...");
config_ref (config);
g_clear_pointer (&config->path, g_free);
......@@ -409,6 +416,13 @@ nm_pacrunner_manager_send (NMPacrunnerManager *self,
config = config_new (self, g_variant_new ("(a{sv})", &proxy_data));
priv->configs = g_list_append (priv->configs, config);
gs_free char *args_str = NULL;
_LOG2D (config, "send: new config %s",
(args_str = g_variant_print (config->args, FALSE)));
/* Send if pacrunner is available on bus, otherwise
* config has already been appended above to be
* sent when pacrunner appears.
......@@ -435,9 +449,9 @@ pacrunner_remove_done (GDBusProxy *proxy, GAsyncResult *res, gpointer user_data)
self = NM_PACRUNNER_MANAGER (config->manager);
if (!ret)
_LOGD ("couldn't remove config for '%p': %s", config, error->message);
_LOG2D (config, "remove failed: %s", error->message);
_LOGD ("successfully removed config for '%p'", config);
_LOG2D (config, "removed");
config_unref (config);
......@@ -460,7 +474,7 @@ nm_pacrunner_manager_remove (NMPacrunnerManager *self, NMPacrunnerCallId *call_i
config = call_id;
_LOGT ("removing config for '%p'", config);
_LOG2T (config, "removing...");
list = g_list_find (priv->configs, config);
if (!list)
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