Commit 415e9441 authored by Dan Williams's avatar Dan Williams
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core: fix duplicate values in NM-specific PropertiesChanged signals

GVariantBuilder doesn't care if you give it multiple dict entries with
the same key.  But that causes duplicate dict entries in the legacy
D-Bus PropertiesChanged signals that NM emits.  So instead go back to
a hash table to ensure that any previous value is dropped in favor of
the new one.
parent 8b6a1ac6
......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ typedef struct {
NMBusManager *bus_mgr;
char *path;
GVariantBuilder pending_notifies;
GHashTable *pending_notifies;
guint notify_idle_id;
......@@ -659,8 +659,7 @@ nm_exported_object_unexport (NMExportedObject *self)
if (nm_clear_g_source (&priv->notify_idle_id)) {
/* We had a notification queued. Since we removed all interfaces,
* the notification is obsolete and must be cleaned up. */
g_variant_builder_clear (&priv->pending_notifies);
g_variant_builder_init (&priv->pending_notifies, G_VARIANT_TYPE_VARDICT);
g_hash_table_remove_all (priv->pending_notifies);
......@@ -719,22 +718,33 @@ nm_exported_object_init (NMExportedObject *self)
NMExportedObjectPrivate *priv = NM_EXPORTED_OBJECT_GET_PRIVATE (self);
g_variant_builder_init (&priv->pending_notifies, G_VARIANT_TYPE_VARDICT);
priv->pending_notifies = g_hash_table_new_full (g_direct_hash,
(GDestroyNotify) g_variant_unref);
static gboolean
idle_emit_properties_changed (gpointer self)
NMExportedObjectPrivate *priv = NM_EXPORTED_OBJECT_GET_PRIVATE (self);
GVariant *notifies;
GVariant *variant;
GSList *iter;
GDBusInterfaceSkeleton *interface = NULL;
guint signal_id = 0;
GHashTableIter hash_iter;
const char *dbus_property_name;
GVariantBuilder notifies;
priv->notify_idle_id = 0;
notifies = g_variant_builder_end (&priv->pending_notifies);
g_variant_ref_sink (notifies);
g_variant_builder_init (&priv->pending_notifies, G_VARIANT_TYPE_VARDICT);
g_variant_builder_init (&notifies, G_VARIANT_TYPE_VARDICT);
g_hash_table_iter_init (&hash_iter, priv->pending_notifies);
while (g_hash_table_iter_next (&hash_iter, (gpointer) &dbus_property_name, (gpointer) &variant))
g_variant_builder_add (&notifies, "{sv}", dbus_property_name, variant);
g_hash_table_remove_all (priv->pending_notifies);
variant = g_variant_builder_end (&notifies);
g_variant_ref_sink (variant);
for (iter = priv->interfaces; iter; iter = iter->next) {
signal_id = g_signal_lookup ("properties-changed", G_OBJECT_TYPE (iter->data));
......@@ -746,16 +756,14 @@ idle_emit_properties_changed (gpointer self)
g_return_val_if_fail (signal_id != 0, FALSE);
if (nm_logging_enabled (LOGL_DEBUG, LOGD_DBUS_PROPS)) {
char *notification;
gs_free char *notification = g_variant_print (variant, TRUE);
notification = g_variant_print (notifies, TRUE);
nm_log_dbg (LOGD_DBUS_PROPS, "PropertiesChanged %s %p: %s",
G_OBJECT_TYPE_NAME (self), self, notification);
g_free (notification);
g_signal_emit (interface, signal_id, 0, notifies);
g_variant_unref (notifies);
g_signal_emit (interface, signal_id, 0, variant);
g_variant_unref (variant);
return FALSE;
......@@ -815,11 +823,10 @@ nm_exported_object_notify (GObject *object, GParamSpec *pspec)
g_return_if_fail (vtype != NULL);
variant = g_dbus_gvalue_to_gvariant (&value, vtype);
g_variant_builder_add (&priv->pending_notifies, "{sv}",
/* @dbus_property_name is inside classinfo and never freed, thus we don't clone it.
* Also, we do a pointer, not string comparison. */
g_hash_table_insert (priv->pending_notifies, (gpointer) dbus_property_name, variant);
g_value_unset (&value);
g_variant_unref (variant);
if (!priv->notify_idle_id)
priv->notify_idle_id = g_idle_add (idle_emit_properties_changed, object);
......@@ -858,7 +865,7 @@ nm_exported_object_dispose (GObject *object)
} else
g_clear_pointer (&priv->path, g_free);
g_variant_builder_clear (&priv->pending_notifies);
g_clear_pointer (&priv->pending_notifies, g_hash_table_destroy);
nm_clear_g_source (&priv->notify_idle_id);
G_OBJECT_CLASS (nm_exported_object_parent_class)->dispose (object);
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