Commit 3ec6ffe8 authored by Dan Williams's avatar Dan Williams

core: remove debugging delay from new user connection handling

Introduced by 25e758c7 when ensuring
that the code that waits for connections to become advertised by teh
user settings service worked correctly.
parent 1b49f941
......@@ -1190,33 +1190,10 @@ user_proxy_destroyed_cb (DBusGProxy *proxy, NMManager *self)
user_proxy_cleanup (self, TRUE);
typedef struct {
DBusGProxy *proxy;
char *path;
NMManager *manager;
} Foo;
static gboolean
blah (gpointer user_data)
Foo *f = user_data;
user_internal_new_connection_cb (f->proxy, f->path, f->manager, NULL);
g_free (f->path);
g_free (f);
return FALSE;
static void
user_new_connection_cb (DBusGProxy *proxy, const char *path, gpointer user_data)
Foo *f = g_malloc0 (sizeof (Foo));
f->proxy = proxy;
f->path = g_strdup (path);
f->manager = NM_MANAGER (user_data);
g_timeout_add_seconds (6, blah, f);
user_internal_new_connection_cb (proxy, path, NM_MANAGER (user_data), NULL);
static gboolean
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