Commit 2b9462f1 authored by Thomas Haller's avatar Thomas Haller
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exported-object: reorder fields in NMExportedObjectPrivate struct

For now, this doesn't change the overall size of the struct.
But with the next commits this ordering allows tighter packing.
parent 89f3f6ad
......@@ -39,16 +39,17 @@ G_DEFINE_ABSTRACT_TYPE_WITH_CODE (NMExportedObject, nm_exported_object, G_TYPE_D
typedef struct {
GSList *interfaces;
NMBusManager *bus_mgr;
char *path;
GHashTable *pending_notifies;
GSList *interfaces;
guint notify_idle_id;
gboolean _constructed;
bool _constructed:1;
} NMExportedObjectPrivate;
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