Commit 2ad8bb0c authored by Thomas Haller's avatar Thomas Haller

firewall: fix supressing errors from D-Bus calls

We want to ignore certain errors from firewalld. In the past,
the error message contained only the error code.
Since recently ([1], [2]), the error message contains a longer text:

  NetworkManager[647]: <debug> [1492768494.7475] device[0x7f7f21e78f50] (eth0): Activation: setting firewall zone 'default'
  NetworkManager[647]: <debug> [1492768494.7475] firewall: [0x7f7f21ed8900,change:"eth0"]: firewall zone change eth0:default
  firewalld[2342]: ERROR: UNKNOWN_INTERFACE: 'eth0' is not in any zone
  NetworkManager[647]: <warn>  [1492768494.7832] firewall: [0x7f7f0400c780,remove:"eth0"]: complete: request failed (UNKNOWN_INTERFACE: 'eth0' is not in any zone)

parent ec3a9c06
......@@ -263,14 +263,16 @@ _handle_dbus (GObject *proxy, GAsyncResult *result, gpointer user_data)
non_error = "UNKNOWN_INTERFACE";
if (!g_strcmp0 (error->message, non_error)) {
if ( error->message
&& non_error
&& g_str_has_prefix (error->message, non_error)
&& NM_IN_SET (error->message[strlen (non_error)], '\0', ':')) {
_LOGD (info, "complete: request failed with a non-error (%s)", error->message);
/* The operation failed with an error reason that we don't want
* to propagate. Instead, signal success. */
g_clear_error (&error);
} else
_LOGW (info, "complete: request failed (%s)", error->message);
} else
_LOGD (info, "complete: success");
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