Commit 8b40deaa authored by Ankit Nautiyal's avatar Ankit Nautiyal

clients: Add content-protection client app

This patch adds a client app which can be used to show the
implementation of weston content-protection protocol. The app can
request for Type-0 and Type-1 content or request for disabling
content-protection to the content-protection server.
It listens for the content-protection status change event from the
server and accordingly display the required content.

The content Type-0, Type-1 and unprotected contents are prepared
using cairo surface, with different color and text to distinguish
between the contents.
Signed-off-by: Ankit Nautiyal's avatarAnkit Nautiyal <>
parent 62626cbf
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......@@ -229,6 +229,14 @@ demo_clients = [
'dep_objs': dep_vertex_clipping
{ 'basename': 'confine' },
'basename': 'content_protection',
'add_sources': [
{ 'basename': 'dnd' },
'basename': 'editor',
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