Commit 85739eab authored by Giulio Camuffo's avatar Giulio Camuffo Committed by Kristian H. Kristensen

xwm: set the window's shsurf pointer to NULL on unmap handling

the unmap event will be followed by the deletion of the weston_surface,
so the shell_surface will also be deleted by the shell. Having removed
the surface_destroy_listener, the surface_destroy callback doesn't
get called, so reset the value of shsurf here.
parent 5e396ae9
......@@ -877,6 +877,7 @@ weston_wm_handle_unmap_notify(struct weston_wm *wm, xcb_generic_event_t *event)
if (window->surface)
window->surface = NULL;
window->shsurf = NULL;
xcb_unmap_window(wm->conn, window->frame_id);
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