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    Add optional dbus helpers · 59ab9004
    David Herrmann authored
    This adds optional libdbus integration for weston. If libdbus is available
    and not disabled via --disable-dbus during weston build, we now provide
    basic DBusConnection main-loop integration for weston.
    The dbus.c file provides a new helper to integrate any DBusConnection
    object into a wl_event_loop object. This avoids any glib/qt/..
    dependencies but instead only uses the low-level libdbus library.
    Note that we do not provide dummy fallbacks for dbus helpers in case
    dbus-support is disabled. The reason for that is that you need dbus/dbus.h
    for nearly any operation you want to do via dbus. Therefore, only the most
    basic helpers which can be used independently provide a "static inline"
    dummy fallback to avoid #ifdef all over the code.
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