Commit 79930baf authored by Dmitry Osipenko's avatar Dmitry Osipenko Committed by Thierry Reding

gpu: host1x: Continue CDMA execution starting with a next job

Currently gathers of a hung job are getting NOP'ed and a restarted CDMA
executes the NOP'ed gathers. There shouldn't be a reason to not restart
CDMA execution starting with a next job, avoiding the unnecessary churning
with gathers NOP'ing.
Signed-off-by: Dmitry Osipenko's avatarDmitry Osipenko <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarMikko Perttunen <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarThierry Reding <>
parent 5d6f0436
......@@ -383,7 +383,7 @@ void host1x_cdma_update_sync_queue(struct host1x_cdma *cdma,
struct host1x *host1x = cdma_to_host1x(cdma);
u32 restart_addr, syncpt_incrs, syncpt_val;
struct host1x_job *job;
struct host1x_job *job, *next_job = NULL;
syncpt_val = host1x_syncpt_load(cdma->timeout.syncpt);
......@@ -401,8 +401,13 @@ void host1x_cdma_update_sync_queue(struct host1x_cdma *cdma,
list_for_each_entry(job, &cdma->sync_queue, list) {
if (syncpt_val < job->syncpt_end)
if (syncpt_val < job->syncpt_end) {
if (!list_is_last(&job->list, &cdma->sync_queue))
next_job = list_next_entry(job, list);
goto syncpt_incr;
host1x_job_dump(dev, job);
......@@ -415,17 +420,11 @@ void host1x_cdma_update_sync_queue(struct host1x_cdma *cdma,
* Increment with CPU the remaining syncpts of a partially executed job.
* Syncpt increments must be done inline with the pushbuffer from a
* GATHER buffer to maintain the order (slots are modified to be a
* GATHER of syncpt incrs).
* Note: save in restart_addr the location where the timed out buffer
* started in the PB, so we can start the refetch from there (with the
* modified NOP-ed PB slots). This lets things appear to have completed
* properly for this buffer and resources are freed.
* CDMA will continue execution starting with the next job or will get
* into idle state.
if (job)
restart_addr = job->first_get;
if (next_job)
restart_addr = next_job->first_get;
restart_addr = cdma->last_pos;
......@@ -39,8 +39,6 @@ static void push_buffer_init(struct push_buffer *pb)
static void cdma_timeout_cpu_incr(struct host1x_cdma *cdma, u32 getptr,
u32 syncpt_incrs, u32 syncval, u32 nr_slots)
struct host1x *host1x = cdma_to_host1x(cdma);
struct push_buffer *pb = &cdma->push_buffer;
unsigned int i;
for (i = 0; i < syncpt_incrs; i++)
......@@ -48,18 +46,6 @@ static void cdma_timeout_cpu_incr(struct host1x_cdma *cdma, u32 getptr,
/* after CPU incr, ensure shadow is up to date */
/* NOP all the PB slots */
while (nr_slots--) {
u32 *p = (u32 *)(pb->mapped + getptr);
dev_dbg(host1x->dev, "%s: NOP at %pad+%#x\n", __func__,
&pb->dma, getptr);
getptr = (getptr + 8) & (pb->size - 1);
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