Commit ebae30b1 authored by Arto Merilainen's avatar Arto Merilainen Committed by Thierry Reding

gpu: host1x: Rework CPU syncpoint increment

This patch merges host1x_syncpt_cpu_incr to host1x_syncpt_incr() as
they are in practise doing the same thing. host1x_syncpt_incr() is
also modified to return error codes. User space interface is modified
accordingly to pass return values.
Signed-off-by: default avatarArto Merilainen <>
Acked-By: default avatarTerje Bergstrom <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarThierry Reding <>
parent ece66891
......@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@ struct host1x_syncpt_ops {
void (*restore_wait_base)(struct host1x_syncpt *syncpt);
void (*load_wait_base)(struct host1x_syncpt *syncpt);
u32 (*load)(struct host1x_syncpt *syncpt);
void (*cpu_incr)(struct host1x_syncpt *syncpt);
int (*cpu_incr)(struct host1x_syncpt *syncpt);
int (*patch_wait)(struct host1x_syncpt *syncpt, void *patch_addr);
......@@ -157,10 +157,10 @@ static inline u32 host1x_hw_syncpt_load(struct host1x *host,
return host->syncpt_op->load(sp);
static inline void host1x_hw_syncpt_cpu_incr(struct host1x *host,
struct host1x_syncpt *sp)
static inline int host1x_hw_syncpt_cpu_incr(struct host1x *host,
struct host1x_syncpt *sp)
return host->syncpt_op->cpu_incr(sp);
static inline int host1x_hw_syncpt_patch_wait(struct host1x *host,
......@@ -387,8 +387,7 @@ static int tegra_syncpt_incr(struct drm_device *drm, void *data,
if (!sp)
return -EINVAL;
return 0;
return host1x_syncpt_incr(sp);
static int tegra_syncpt_wait(struct drm_device *drm, void *data,
......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ static void cdma_timeout_cpu_incr(struct host1x_cdma *cdma, u32 getptr,
u32 i;
for (i = 0; i < syncpt_incrs; i++)
/* after CPU incr, ensure shadow is up to date */
......@@ -77,21 +77,19 @@ static u32 syncpt_load(struct host1x_syncpt *sp)
* Write a cpu syncpoint increment to the hardware, without touching
* the cache.
static void syncpt_cpu_incr(struct host1x_syncpt *sp)
static int syncpt_cpu_incr(struct host1x_syncpt *sp)
struct host1x *host = sp->host;
u32 reg_offset = sp->id / 32;
if (!host1x_syncpt_client_managed(sp) &&
host1x_syncpt_idle(sp)) {
dev_err(host->dev, "Trying to increment syncpoint id %d beyond max\n",
return -EINVAL;
host1x_sync_writel(host, BIT_MASK(sp->id),
return 0;
/* remove a wait pointed to by patch_addr */
......@@ -128,23 +128,12 @@ u32 host1x_syncpt_load_wait_base(struct host1x_syncpt *sp)
return val;
* Write a cpu syncpoint increment to the hardware, without touching
* the cache. Caller is responsible for host being powered.
void host1x_syncpt_cpu_incr(struct host1x_syncpt *sp)
host1x_hw_syncpt_cpu_incr(sp->host, sp);
* Increment syncpoint value from cpu, updating cache
void host1x_syncpt_incr(struct host1x_syncpt *sp)
int host1x_syncpt_incr(struct host1x_syncpt *sp)
if (host1x_syncpt_client_managed(sp))
host1x_syncpt_incr_max(sp, 1);
return host1x_hw_syncpt_cpu_incr(sp->host, sp);
......@@ -115,9 +115,6 @@ static inline bool host1x_syncpt_idle(struct host1x_syncpt *sp)
/* Return pointer to struct denoting sync point id. */
struct host1x_syncpt *host1x_syncpt_get(struct host1x *host, u32 id);
/* Request incrementing a sync point. */
void host1x_syncpt_cpu_incr(struct host1x_syncpt *sp);
/* Load current value from hardware to the shadow register. */
u32 host1x_syncpt_load(struct host1x_syncpt *sp);
......@@ -133,8 +130,8 @@ void host1x_syncpt_restore(struct host1x *host);
/* Read current wait base value into shadow register and return it. */
u32 host1x_syncpt_load_wait_base(struct host1x_syncpt *sp);
/* Increment sync point and its max. */
void host1x_syncpt_incr(struct host1x_syncpt *sp);
/* Request incrementing a sync point. */
int host1x_syncpt_incr(struct host1x_syncpt *sp);
/* Indicate future operations by incrementing the sync point max. */
u32 host1x_syncpt_incr_max(struct host1x_syncpt *sp, u32 incrs);
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