Commit aa360879 authored by Sam Ravnborg's avatar Sam Ravnborg
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kbuild: fix make dir/

kbuild added an extra '/' after the directory - resulting in all
files being rebuild in a subdirectory.
Signed-off-by: Sam Ravnborg's avatarSam Ravnborg <>
parent ea88df9b
......@@ -1284,7 +1284,7 @@ kernelversion:
# build-dir => directory in kernel source tree to use
ifeq ($(KBUILD_EXTMOD),)
build-dir = $(dir $@)
build-dir = $(patsubst %/,%,$(dir $@))
target-dir = $(dir $@)
zap-slash=$(filter-out .,$(patsubst %/,%,$(dir $@)))
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