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2.4.x: Update NEWS

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......@@ -24,6 +24,26 @@ Internal:
- Fixed warnings and other issues and Adobe SDK.
- Compile with much more warnings enabled.
2.4.1 -
- Bug #99494: Restore error reporting.
- Added test for xmp_parse()
- Renamed test3 to testiterator and more comprehensive test for
iterator to detect thing like bug 99480
Release notes:
- In 2.4.0 the XMP iterator corrected behaviour when used for
XMP_ITER_JUSTLEAFNAME: The returned values are now set to they
actual schema NS instead of the top level one.
This required fixed in third party packages:
This changes is the result of a bug fix in Adobe SDK.
See bug #99480
2.4.0 - 2017/01/07
- Bug #89449: Upgrade XMPCore to Adobe XMP CC 2014.12.
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