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2.6.0 -
2.6.0 - 2022/02/13
- Update XMPCore to Adobe XMP SDK v2021.08
- Update XMPCore to Adobe XMP SDK v2021.10
- Changes in v2021.10
- Fixing CTECHXMP-4170583, CTECHXMP-4170596, CTECHXMP-4170597,
CTECHXMP-4170598, CTECHXMP-4170599, CTECHXMP-4170632 and CTECHXMP-4170633
(maintainer note: no idea what they are, but it seems to fix various buffer
size issues in WAVE and SVG)
- Changes in v2021.08
- Security Fixes
- Fixes syntax errors like semicolons in the codebase
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