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Update NEWS with upstream changes

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- Upgrade XMPCore to Adone XMP SDK CC 2016.07
- Support for iOS in XMPFiles
- New DOM based API’s are added in XMP Core to access metadata tree
hierarchy. (not exposed yet in Exempi)
- Added support XMP/metadata in utf-8 encoded uncompressed SVG files in XMPFiles.
- Added support of GIF handler in XMPFiles.
- Added support for reconciliation of iXML’s TRACK_LIST and its components to get
microphone data.
- Added support for IFDs of type 13 in TIFF.
- Added support for MPEG4 videos shot from Google Nexus 5 camera.
- Restructured the implementation of XDCAM Handler to support File Access Mode (FAM)
and Simple Access Mode (SAM)
- Added inbuilt support for iXML namespace in XMPCore.
- Modified the alias tiff:ImageDescription for dc:description as language alternative
array instead of simple property.
- Lot of bug fixes in XMPFiles and XMPCore.
- Removed Exempi provided support for GIF in favour of Adobe's.
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