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README: Update for meson

Also, update the RFC numbers that are implemented.
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...@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ Nice: GLib ICE library ...@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ Nice: GLib ICE library
Copyright Copyright
--------- ---------
(C) 2006-2018 Collabora Ltd. (C) 2006-2020 Collabora Ltd.
(C) 2006-2011 Nokia Corporation (C) 2006-2011 Nokia Corporation
License License
...@@ -26,11 +26,8 @@ Requirements ...@@ -26,11 +26,8 @@ Requirements
Build instructions Build instructions
------------------ ------------------
To build on Linux and Mac, you only need to type the usual commands : To build, you need Python 3 and Meson. Then need to do:
./configure && make && sudo make install meson build && ninja -C build && sudo ninja -C build install
Please refer to the INSTALL file for more details.
If you are building from git, you must first run the ./ script
to generate the configure file for you.
Structure Structure
--------- ---------
...@@ -49,15 +46,20 @@ Relevant standards ...@@ -49,15 +46,20 @@ Relevant standards
These standards are relevant to nice's current implementation. These standards are relevant to nice's current implementation.
ICE RFC 5245 ICE (old)
Trickle ICE
XMPP Jingle ICE transport XMPP Jingle ICE transport
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