Commit dbec8156 authored by Philip Withnall's avatar Philip Withnall Committed by Olivier Crête
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agent: Hold a reference to pseudotcp while calling its callbacks

This prevents the pseudotcp socket from being destroyed from within a
parent bdc72e78
......@@ -874,11 +874,20 @@ gboolean
pseudo_tcp_socket_notify_packet(PseudoTcpSocket *self,
const gchar * buffer, guint32 len)
gboolean retval;
if (len > MAX_PACKET) {
//LOG_F(WARNING) << "packet too large";
return FALSE;
return parse(self, (guint8 *) buffer, len);
/* Hold a reference to the PseudoTcpSocket during parsing, since it may be
* closed from within a callback. */
g_object_ref (self);
retval = parse (self, (guint8 *) buffer, len);
g_object_unref (self);
return retval;
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