Commit d34e48d0 authored by Youness Alaoui's avatar Youness Alaoui
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Change the m= line in the SDP to use ICE/SDP dummy type instead of RTP/AVP

parent d70b1973
......@@ -3206,7 +3206,7 @@ _generate_stream_sdp (NiceAgent *agent, Stream *stream,
nice_address_to_string (&rtp, ip4);
g_string_append_printf (sdp, "m=%s %d RTP/AVP\n",
g_string_append_printf (sdp, "m=%s %d ICE/SDP\n",
stream->name ? stream->name : "-", nice_address_get_port (&rtp));
g_string_append_printf (sdp, "c=IN IP4 %s\n", ip4);
if (nice_address_get_port (&rtcp) != 0)
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