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Commit c0bd3209 authored by Fabrice Bellet's avatar Fabrice Bellet Committed by Olivier Crête
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conncheck: inbound stun on tcp passive pairs should trigger a check

An inbound stun request on a newly discovered pair should trigger a
conncheck in the reverse direction, and not promote the pair directly in
state succeeded. This is particulary required if the agent is in
aggressive controlling mode.
parent a2fb11fc
......@@ -2086,12 +2086,9 @@ conn_check_remote_candidates_set(NiceAgent *agent, NiceStream *stream,
if (pair == NULL) {
pair = priv_conn_check_add_for_candidate_pair_matched (agent,
stream->id, component, lcand, rcand, NICE_CHECK_SUCCEEDED);
if (pair)
pair->valid = TRUE;
if (pair == NULL)
priv_conn_check_add_for_candidate_pair_matched (agent,
stream->id, component, lcand, rcand, NICE_CHECK_WAITING);
priv_schedule_triggered_check (agent, stream, component,
......@@ -4837,16 +4834,11 @@ gboolean conn_check_handle_inbound_stun (NiceAgent *agent, NiceStream *stream,
remote_candidate2 ? remote_candidate2 : remote_candidate);
if(remote_candidate && stream->remote_ufrag[0]) {
if (local_candidate &&
local_candidate->transport == NICE_CANDIDATE_TRANSPORT_TCP_PASSIVE) {
CandidateCheckPair *pair;
pair = priv_conn_check_add_for_candidate_pair_matched (agent,
local_candidate->transport == NICE_CANDIDATE_TRANSPORT_TCP_PASSIVE)
priv_conn_check_add_for_candidate_pair_matched (agent,
stream->id, component, local_candidate, remote_candidate,
if (pair) {
pair->valid = TRUE;
} else
conn_check_add_for_candidate (agent, stream->id, component, remote_candidate);
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