Commit ac3f7b5e authored by Fabrice Bellet's avatar Fabrice Bellet Committed by Olivier Crête
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conncheck: honor the retransmit flag in case of role conflict

This other rare situation happens when a role conflict is detected by an
stun reply message, on a component that already has a nominated pair
with a higher priority. In that case, the retransmit flag should be
honored, and the pair with "role conflict" should not be retransmitted.
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......@@ -3784,6 +3784,12 @@ static gboolean priv_map_reply_to_conn_check_request (NiceAgent *agent, NiceStre
uint64_t tie;
gboolean controlled_mode;
if (!p->retransmit) {
nice_debug ("Agent %p : Role conflict with pair %p, not restarting",
agent, p);
return TRUE;
/* case: role conflict error, need to restart with new role */
nice_debug ("Agent %p : Role conflict with pair %p, restarting",
agent, p);
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