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version 0.1.18

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libnice 0.1.18 (2020-10-20)
Remove the autotools build system, now only meson is available
On Windows, use crypto library instead of CryptGenRandom() which is deprecated
On Windows, use GetBestInterfaceEx() for UWP compatibility
On Windows, fix the listing of interfaces to use the correct APIs
On Windows, implement ignoring interfaces
Accept receiving messages in multiple steps over TCP
Accept duplicated ports as last option instead of spinning forever
Use sendmmsg if possible to send multiple packets in one call
Fail gathering if no port is available
Hide the implementation of NiceCandidate, this hides some parts that were previously visible
Enable TURN server connects where both TCP and UDP use the same port number
Don't count rejected STUN messages as keepalive packets
libnice 0.1.17 (2020-05-22)
Add API to retrieve the underlying BSD sockets
project('libnice', 'c',
version: '',
version: '0.1.18',
meson_version : '>= 0.52',
default_options : ['warning_level=1', 'buildtype=debugoptimized'])
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ endif
# B is the ABI age, change it on new APIs that don't break existing ones, changing it resets C to 0
# C is the revision, change on new updates that don't change APIs
soversion = 10
libversion = '10.10.0'
libversion = '10.11.0'
glib_req = '>= 2.54'
gnutls_req = '>= 2.12.0'
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