Commit 407cdfb1 authored by Dafydd Harries's avatar Dafydd Harries
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tidy up udp-echo-server

parent 85e88fa0
......@@ -4,16 +4,16 @@
main (void)
NiceUDPSocketFactory man;
NiceUDPSocketFactory factory;
NiceUDPSocket sock;
NiceAddress addr = {0,};
nice_udp_bsd_socket_factory_init (&man);
nice_udp_bsd_socket_factory_init (&factory);
addr.port = 9999;
if (!man.init (&man, &sock, &addr))
if (!nice_udp_socket_factory_make (&factory, &sock, &addr))
g_debug ("failed to find to port 9999: server already running?");
g_debug ("failed to bind to port 9999: server already running?");
return 1;
......@@ -22,11 +22,17 @@ main (void)
gchar buf[1024];
guint length;
length = sock.recv (&sock, &addr, sizeof (buf), buf);
length = nice_udp_socket_recv (&sock, &addr, sizeof (buf), buf);
#ifdef DEBUG
g_debug ("%s:%d", inet_ntoa (sin.sin_addr), ntohs (sin.sin_port));
gchar *ip;
ip = nice_address_to_string (&addr);
g_debug ("%s:%d", ip, addr.port);
g_free (ip);
sock.send (&sock, &addr, length, buf);
nice_udp_socket_send (&sock, &addr, length, buf);
return 0;
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