Commit 4076315d authored by Lorenzo Miniero's avatar Lorenzo Miniero Committed by Olivier Crête
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Fixed wrong return value in socket_send_messages for n_messages=1

parent 8cf96eb1
......@@ -292,6 +292,8 @@ socket_send_messages (NiceSocket *sock, const NiceAddress *to,
/* Single message: use g_socket_send_message */
len = g_socket_send_message (sock->fileno, gaddr, messages->buffers,
messages->n_buffers, NULL, 0, G_SOCKET_MSG_NONE, NULL, &child_error);
if(len > 0)
len = 1;
} else {
/* Multiple messages: use g_socket_send_messages, which might use
* the more efficient sendmmsg if supported by the platform */
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