Commit 322e89ad authored by Olivier Crête's avatar Olivier Crête 👻
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nicesrc: Use gst_buffer_fill

parent ede3ec82
......@@ -191,14 +191,11 @@ gst_nice_src_read_callback (NiceAgent *agent,
GstBaseSrc *basesrc = GST_BASE_SRC (data);
GstNiceSrc *nicesrc = GST_NICE_SRC (basesrc);
GstBuffer *buffer = NULL;
GstMapInfo info;
GST_LOG_OBJECT (agent, "Got buffer, getting out of the main loop");
buffer = gst_buffer_new_allocate (NULL, len, NULL);
gst_buffer_map (buffer, &info, GST_MAP_WRITE);
memcpy (, buf, len);
gst_buffer_unmap (buffer, &info);
gst_buffer_fill (buffer, 0, buf, len);
g_queue_push_tail (nicesrc->outbufs, buffer);
g_main_loop_quit (nicesrc->mainloop);
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