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    conncheck: fix try-alternate on tcp turn sockets · 1bfac496
    Fabrice Bellet authored
    In OC2007R2 compatibility mode, we observed the behaviour of a skype
    turn server, when returning code 300 (try-alternate) stun error on its
    tls connections. This value is returned apparently when the turn server
    is overloaded already.
    We noticed that the actual code in priv_handle_turn_alternate_server()
    cannot handle a non-udp turn server, because a tcp one would require
    to create a new socket.
    But, even when creating such a new socket stack (tcp-bsd socket +
    pseudossl socket), libnice still fails to establish a new connection to
    the alternate server on port 443, in a very systematic way. I'm not sure
    whether this problem is specific to this skype server infrastructure
    (the skype client fails in a similar way). Anyway, this code path works
    as expected with a non-microsoft turn server (tested with coturn).
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