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Fancy jekyll powered single page site
Website for the libnice project
Here're some examples:
- **This repository** is also a live demo, see it at [](
- **Education:**
- [Global Health Project]( for Public Health class at UIC (student project) ([source](
- [Bioinformatics at Harvard Medical School]( -- ([source](
- [Dutch Introduction to Electronics class]( ([source]( ([translation](
- [Innovation Lab + Smart Data Hack]( 5-day student challenge at University of Edinburgh, Turkey ([source](
- [@opsbug Tech Inoculator]( ([source](
- **Open Source Projects:**
- [ALM]( A cloud ready IDE for TypeScript ([source](
- [argon.js]( JS framework for adding augmented reality to web apps ([source](
- [Mockito]( mocking framework for unit tests in Java ([source](
- [REMnux]( Electronic lab notebook ([source](
- [REMnux]( A Linux Toolkit for Reverse-Engineering and Analyzing Malware ([source](
- [Langmuir]( Charge transfer simulations in organic electronics. ([source](
- [OSX Privacy]( exposing OS X Yostemite privacy issues ([source](
- [SMS-Tools]( is another project of mine that uses this template ([source](
- [HTML Tidy Advocacy Community Group]( ([source](
- [AfriLeaks]( (since changed, still cool!) - secure whistleblowers confidential submition project page ([source when single-paged](
- [FitNesse]( Eclipse Plugin ([source](
- [Akanda]( Network Virtualization ([source](
- [Lazy Dubuntu]( ([source](
- [GROgreenhouses](, finances greenhouses for farmers in Sierra Leone ([source](
- [vampd]( Vagrant Drupal Box ([source](
- [Automatune]( - discover and share melodies ([source](
- [The Rosette Platform]( git-based, internationalization framework (Ruby) ([source](
- [PHP Cat]( PHP Developer Group in Catalan (grup de desenvolupadors PHP de llengua catalana) ([source](
- [Alt.Net Australia User Group]( ([source](
- [FeedReader]( Desktop RSS client ([source](
- [Coala Analyzer]( command-line interface for linting ([source](
- [Easy Shell]( Linux and Shell Commands the Easy Way ([source](
- **Events / Conferences**
- [CodeWeek 15 @ DI]( CodeWeek at the University of Minho in 2015 by [CeSIUM]( - ([source](
- [Innovation Lab + Smart Data Hack]( 5-day student challenge at University of Edinburgh, Turkey ([source](
- [Open CoMo]( Open-Data Incubator for Columbia, MO. 13th-15th of November 2015 ([source](
- [FSU Festival of New Music]( (17th Biennial) ([source](
- Code Across 2015 @Seoul 전 세계 시빅해커들과 함께 하는 -> since changed, ([source](
- **Personal:**
- [Karen and Scott wedding]( ([source](
- [ryan & rachel wedding]( ([source](
- [Chris & Katie wedding]( ([source](
- [Harmanpreet weds Gurwinder]( ([source](
- **Products:**
- [Pawan Kumar film]( info page ([source](
- []( teaser page (album release tracker) ([source](
- [Helpers in Korea]( ([source](
- Zeno- internet for gamers original teaser page: ([source](
- Original DEVISSCHER web design page ([source](
- **Resumes:**
- []( professional page ([source](
- [Sumedha Pramod]( resume ([source](
- [Lia Bogoev]( UX designer from utah ([source](
- [Bill Ryan]('s homepage is a snazzy personal example! ([source](
- [Emil Ahlbäck]( resume ([source](
- [Christophe Gabard]( resume ([source](
- [Leppotone Electrical Recordings]( temporary homepage ([source](
- [Michael A. Schmidt]( particle physics lecturer at the University of Sydney ([source](
- [Tim Beissinger]( postdoc in Plant Sciences at UC Davis ([source](
- [Jin Li]( MS student in Systems and Information Engineering @ UVA ([source](
- [Emil Ahlbäck]( ([source](
- *Let me know of more!*
## Why?
Got some *killer app*, some *neat project*, a cool portfolio? Make an easy single-page site to show it all off. SinglePaged uses jekyll niceties to make a ***polished, modular, and beautiful* single page site**.
- Each vertical section is a markdown file in **_posts/** directory.
* They're sorted by 'date'. (we don't use date anywhere, it only sorts)
- Each vertical section sets it's own **color**, **header icon** (or image), **title**, and easy-to-write markdown body.
- Only **two things** to edit:
1. Edit `_config.yml` to set the site title, description, etc
2. Add _posts/*.md to make each vertical section. Copy some examples and add the sections from your for a fast start!
- Easy adding of **SEO terms**, **favicon** & such, and **google analytics token**.
Sound good? Let's go!
There are three way to get started: (links jump to that section)
1. Make a [**user homepage**](#setup-as-user-homepage) (or organization)
2. Make a [**standalone project**](#setup-as-standalone-project-page) page
3. Make a [site under an **existing project**](#setup-inside-existing-project)
## Setup as user homepage
- Go click **fork** on the [github project page](
- Rename your new repository to `**username**`. (click settings in the right column)
- Clone your repository, **cd into the project**
- Run `git checkout publish && git branch -m master && git push -u origin master && git branch -D gh-pages` to get the *publish* branch as master for a clean, empty starting point.
- On your github project page go to *settings* again and change your **default branch** to ***master***
- Run `git push origin --delete gh-pages` to delete your remote's development branch
Now hop over to [Usage](#usage) to get it running with your own stuff!
**When you publish changes use `git push -u origin master`**
## Setup as standalone project page
- Go click **fork** on the [github project page](
- Rename your new repository to `whatever you want`. (click settings in the right column)
* It will go live at**WhateverYouWant**
- Clone your repository, cd into the project
- Run `git checkout publish && git branch -D gh-pages && git branch -m gh-pages && git push -uf origin gh-pages` to swap the *publish* and *gh-pages* branch.
Now hop over to [Usage](#usage) to get it running with your own stuff!
**When you publish changes use `git push -u origin gh-pages`**
## Setup inside existing project
This is the most complicated use-case .. but it's the coolest.
Say you've got your kickass project `` and want to have
some web presence to post about on [hacker news](
This will create an orphan branch called `gh-pages` in your repository
where you can publish changes, posts, images, and such. It won't alter your code at all.
- `cd` into your project on the command line
- use `git remote add -t publish singlepage` to get access to this repository.
- use `git fetch singlepage publish:gh-pages` to fetch the remote branch
- use `git branch --set-upstream-to gh-pages singlepage/publish && git checkout gh-pages;`
This creates and checks out an orphan branch called gh-pages that tracks the original and lets you make changes.
- When you run `git push origin gh-pages` it'll be live at **
Now hop over to [Usage](#usage) to get it running with your own stuff!
**When you publish changes use `git push -u origin gh-pages`**
## Usage
Alright, you've got a clean copy and are ready to push some schmancy pages for the world to ogle at.
- Edit `_config.yml` to change your title, keywords, and description.
- Create a new file in `_posts/` called ``
Edit it, and add:
title: "home"
bg: white #defined in _config.yml, can use html color like '#010101'
color: black #text color
style: center
# Example headline!
and so on..
- Create a second post called `` with an divider image this time:
title: "Art"
bg: turquoise #defined in _config.yml, can use html color like '#0fbfcf'
color: white #text color
fa-icon: paint-brush
#### A new section- oh the humanity!
**Note:** That part `fa-icon: paint-brush` will use a font-awesome icon of [paint-brush]( You can use any icon from this [font-awesome icon directory](
- install Jekyll with `sudo gem install github-pages`
- run `jekyll serve -w`
- visit [localhost:4000](http://localhost:4000) to see a live locally served preview.
- Push changes and see them live!
## Changing your colors
- In each post file you can define `bg: mycolor` and `color: myothercolor` to change the background and text colors for that section.
- **mycolor** can be a quoted html color like `'#0fbfcf'` or a key to a special color defined in **_config.yml** under 'colors'.
- **Note:** Changes to _config.yml require a manual restart to your local server with `^C` and `jekyll serve -w`.
Nifty, right!
## Updating
So you've got a copy running and there's some new update? Let's update!
1. Checkout your github-pages branch
- `git checkout gh-pages` for a standalone or existing page
- `git checkout master` for a ** page
2. run `git remote | grep -q "singlepage" || git remote add -t publish singlepage` to be sure you have access to this repository (you can run this command at any time).
2. `git fetch singlepage` to fetch-in-place new changes.
3. Update to the new base (using merge)
1. `git merge singlepage/publish`
4. You can alternatively update using rebase. This *rewrites history* (**bad**), but it is cleaner.
1. `git rebase singlepage/publish`
This is the code for the libnice website, written in Jekyll.
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