Commit b18f9e69 authored by Peter Hutterer's avatar Peter Hutterer

test: fix a comment in the log_priority test

We don't rely that the lid switch doesn't work in this test, but we always
print a few things when a device gets successfully added.
Signed-off-by: Peter Hutterer's avatarPeter Hutterer <>
parent a251cec9
......@@ -137,8 +137,8 @@ START_TEST(log_priority)
ck_assert_int_eq(log_handler_called, 1);
libinput_log_set_priority(li, LIBINPUT_LOG_PRIORITY_INFO);
/* event0 is usually Lid Switch which prints an info that
we don't handle it */
/* event0 exists on any box we care to run the test suite on and we
* currently prints *something* for each device */
libinput_path_add_device(li, "/dev/input/event0");
ck_assert_int_gt(log_handler_called, 1);
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