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......@@ -346,3 +346,51 @@ However, if the regression is in behavior unrelated to the fix itself it is
usually better to file a new bug to reduce the noise. For example, if a fix
to improve tapping breaks two-finger scrolling behavior, you should file a
new bug but reference the original bug.
.. _reporting_bugs_tags:
Gitlab issue tracker tags
The gitlab issue tracker allows developers to add tags to bugs to classify
- **being worked on**: someone is currently working on this feature. This
tag is used for features that will take a long time to implement fully and
prevents others from having to duplicate the work. Do reach out and ask if
help and/or further testing is needed.
- **bug**: issue is confirmed to be a bug
- **cantfix**: for technical reasons, this bug cannot be fixed, or at least
it cannot be fixed in libinput.
- **enhancement**: this issue describes a future feature, not a bug.
- **help needed**: this issue requires someone outside the libinput core
developer team to implement it. It is unlikely to be implemented
without someone stepping up to do the work. If you do see this tag, do ask
for guidance on how to implement it.
- **hw issue**: an issue that affects a specific device and is a hardware
bug, not a software bug. Often these needs to be worked around in libinput
but there are cases where a hw issue ends up as *cantfix*.
- **janitor**: a cleanup task that does not substantially affect how
libinput works. These are usually good bugs for newcomers to start on.
- **kernel**: this issue is a kernel bug, not a libinput bug. Often closed
as *cantfix* of *wontfix* as we wait for the kernel to address the issue
- **needs triage**: bug has not yet been confirmed by a core developer.
- **not our bug**: the issue is in some other component of the stack and
needs to be addressed there.
- **please test**: a fix is available but not yet merged and should be
tested by the reporter or others affected by the issue.
- **quirk**: this is issue needs :ref:`device-quirks` to be fixed
- **regression**: the issue is a regression to previous versions of
libinput. These issues get priorities.
- **waiting on reporter**: some more information is required from the
reporter and the issue cannot be fixed until the issue has been provided.
Where a bug is left in this state for too long, the bug will be closed as
- **wontfix**: this issue will not get fixed. This tag is usually assigned
to feature requests that are outside the scope of libinput or would put an
unreasonable maintenance burdern on the maintainers.
These tags are high-level categories only, always look for the comments in
the issue to get further details.
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