Add a scroll button lock feature

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Scroll button locking is an accessibility feature. When eneabled, the scroll button does not need to be held down, the first click holds it logically down, to be released on the second click of that same button.

This is implemented as simple event filter, so we still get the same behavior from the emulated logical button, i.e. a physical double click results in a single logical click of that button provided no scrolling was triggered.

This can be tested with the --enable-scroll-button-lock argument in libinput debug-events and libinput debug-gui:

$ sudo ./builddir/libinput-debug-events --enable-scroll-button-lock --set-scroll-method=button --set-scroll-button=BTN_RIGHT

As usual, libinput debug-events/libinput debug-gui do not have an effect on the running session.

Fixes #254 (closed)

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