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      touchpad: 90-degree scroll helper · bb87a3d9
      Matt Mayfield authored
      This makes two-finger scrolling in straight lines easier, while still
      allowing free/diagonal movement. It works in three stages:
      1) Initial movement
         - For the first few millimeters, scroll movements within 30 degrees
           of horizontal or vertical are straightened to 90-degree angles.
         - Scroll movements close to 45 degree diagonals are unchanged.
         - If movement continues very close to straight horizontal or
           vertical, stage 2 begins and the axis lock engages.
         - If movement continues along a diagonal, stage 2 is skipped and
           free scrolling is immediately enabled.
      2) Axis lock
         - If the user scrolls fairly closely to straight vertical, no
           horizontal movement will happen at all, and vice versa.
         - It is possible to switch between straight vertical and straight
           horizontal, and the axis lock will automatically change.
         - If deliberate diagonal movement is detected at any point, stage
           3 begins and the axis lock disengages.
      3) Free scrolling
         - Scrolling is unconstrained until the fingers are lifted.
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      doc/user: add 90-degree scroll behavior · 358a22fc
      Matt Mayfield authored
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